Wednesday, December 30, 2009


With two suitcases and a carry-on half packed, it is finally hitting me that I will be leaving for Ireland in a little under 36  hours. I have been dreaming about going abroad since high school, and possibly before. Goucher's study abroad requirement was certainly one of the major factors in my decision to enroll there. As the days are getting closer, however, I am feeling more and more nervous about the whole thing.

The location, at least, is one thing that I am sure of. Everyone keeps telling me how amazing Ireland is, I have some family there who I don't know and am excited to meet, there are pubs... and it is absolutely beautiful (or so I can tell from the pictures I have seen at least). All of these factors lead me to the opinion that Ireland is one of the best places for a traveler, like myself, to spend a few months.

Seeing as I am a writer, and will not be taking any writing-based courses at Cork, I will try to keep up practice here as often as possible. Read if you'd like. 

So the flight takes off Saturday at 10pm. A lot of fun/amazing/difficult/life-changing things will happen. Five months will pass and I will fly back to the states on May 29th!